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Nebuliser Bowls

Nebulisers Bowls

The chamber where you place medication when using a nebuliser, is commonly called ?the bowl? or medication holder.

Tips for nebuliser bowls
? A bowl consists of 3 pieces and needs all 3 to operate   
? It should be washed every time it is used (see manufacturer?s instructions)
           ? detach

           ? separate into 3 pieces
           ? wash in warm soapy water
           ? rinse
           ? leave to air dry
           ? once dry, store in an air tight container
           ? NB Some bowls need to be boiled weekly ? check and follow manufacturer?s instructions
? Nebuliser bowls need to be replaced regularly approximately every 1-6 months (check with your bowls manufacturer?s instructions)
? It is wise to write down the date the bowl was first used and record how long it took for the medication to run through. As the bowl wears out it takes longer for the medication to run through. If this happens or it mists poorly replace the bowl.
? Do not poke anything into the holes in the bowl.
? Keep a spare bowl on hand.

Able Universal Bowl

Able Universal Bowl / VixOne 

Price - 6.50 AUD  

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