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Choosing a nebuliser
Nebulisers convert liquid medication into a fine mist or vapour so it can be breathed in through a mouthpiece or mask.

There are a number of different nebuliser pumps available. Factors to consider when buying a nebuliser pump include:

  • The severity of the asthma
  • Frequency of nebuliser use
  • The type of medication being used
  • The number of people using the pump
  • And where the pump will be used

Nebulisers can be distinguished by how hard their motors work (called ?the rating?) and how much air they push out (called the 'flow rate'). They can also be distinguished by whether they operate from mains electricity, 12 volt or battery.

Motor rating
Intermittent Motors are designed to only work for a limited amount of time.  The manufacturer will specify maximum running time and how long to rest it for, e.g. run for a maximum of 20 minutes and rest for 40 minutes. Continuous Motors are designed for unlimited use without the motor overheating. Continuous Motors are recommended where more than one person uses the machine, for clinics and hospitals, and for some medications.

Flow Rate
A low flow  nebuliser has a flow rate of 6 litres per minute or lower. Low flow machines will take longer than high flow pumps to nebulise reliever medication.

High flow nebulisers have a flow rate of 6 litres per minute or higher. They will nebuliser reliever medication more quickly than low flow pumps and will nebulise other medications such as mixtures of Ventolin and Atrovent, steroids and some antibiotics. The exception to this is nebulising antibiotics with PARI or Ventstream  systems, in which case a low flow, continuous motor is required.

Able Actineb AC2000 Nebuliser

Able Actineb AC2000 Nebuliser 

Price - 254.00 AUD  

Able Microneb Nebuliser

Wymedical Microneb Nebuliser  

Price - 330.00 AUD  

Micro Elite Replacement Battery

Micro Elite Replacement Battery 

Price - 59.40 AUD  

Microneb Power Adaptor

Microneb AC Power Adapter 

Price - 114.00 AUD  

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