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Asthma Australia?s Online Asthma Shop offers a wide range of products to help you manage:

  • Asthma
  • Allergy
  • Chronic lung conditions
  • Eczema

Our products include:

  • Spacers and masks
  • Nebulisers and accessories
  • Dust mite protection
  • Peak flow meters
  • Health professional products
  • Books

Products can be purchased online or by phone. If you need assistance with choosing the right products from our shop an asthma educator is available to provide advice.

International shipping is currently unavailable.

The information provided is not a substitute for medical advice, so if in doubt, contact your medical practitioner.


Asthma Emergency Kits and Refill Spacers

The Asthma Australia’s Asthma Emergency Kit includes the following essential items and only require the addition of a blue reliever:

  • Two small volume plastic spacers
  • Two face masks, for use in children under five years of age (under 5 kit only)
  • A medication record log which enables you to track usage of the blue reliever
  • Directions for use of the spacer
  • Asthma first aid steps

Asthma Emergency Kits are available from Asthma Australia for $45.00 + P&H for children under 5 years and $40.00 + P&H for people over 5 years.

To purchase your Asthma Emergency Kit or refill spacers please complete an Asthma Emergency Kit and Spacer Refill Order Form. All orders require either a purchase order or payment.

Asthma Emergency Kit Disclaimer

Asthma Emergency Kits are intended for the convenient, safe storage of blue reliever medication and unopened single use spacers and face masks. They are to be accessed and administered by those who have a duty of care in schools, childcare sites and other workplaces.

Note: The contents of the kit (blue reliever medication, spacers and masks), are not intended for general all-purpose every-day use, rather the management of an asthma emergency.

You are encouraged to routinely check that your Asthma Emergency Kit;
— is in sound condition,
— contains an in-date blue reliever medication,
— contains two unopened single use spacers, (+ two masks for Emergency Kit 0-5 years),
— contains instructions for use and an Emergency Kit log to record medication use.

Contact your local Asthma Australia via the 1800 ASTHMA Helpline (1800 278 462) if you need to order replacement spacers or masks, require a replacement bag, or to discuss how to purchase blue reliever medication for your Asthma Emergency Kit.



Phone: (08) 8238 9300

Please note that all transactions are processed in AUD.

My Asthma Bag - Green
My Asthma Bag - Green
Price: 39.90 AUD

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La Petite E-Chamber Spacer
La Petite E-Chamber Spacer
Price: 8.30 AUD

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Livingstone Cardboard Spacer
Livingstone Cardboard Spacer
Price: 6.30 AUD

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Price: 40.00 AUD

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